Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Koh Sushi and Grill @ Food Republic, Wisma Atria


Be greeted by this if reservations are not made in advance. Prudent me decided to do so before heading down. A 45 minute wait is considered kind, harsher waits can last up to an hour or longer. The wait definitely does not stop there - the wait continues to order, food to arrive and even for top ups to the orders.

For what?

Koh Sushi, my dears.

This sushi joint within Wisma's Food Republic has been causing much traffic problem since they opened.

Even when we left, the queues hardly showed signs of stopping.

pitan tofu

Pitan Tofu ($4)

A Japanese dish that I usually forget about but it has wowed since the first bite. For sure it is not as stellar as a restaurants but this homemade one was hearty and very down to earth. Appetizing for sure but with portions so small, I wish for seconds almost immediately.

grilled chicken

Grilled Chicken Salad 

Well grilled chicken with a salad and Japanese dressing. Simple things done so right - we were already grinning like idiots at this point.

miso brinjal

Miso Eggplant ($5)

A baked sliver of gooey goodness smeared with a semi-sweet miso paste. Heaven on earth, we are quite nearly there.

chirashi don

Chiraishi Don ($25)

The salmon don surely takes the cake for worthwhile at half the price but opt for this if all seafood are friends. Fresh seafood slices slapped on a bowl of warm rice topped with nori. While memories of the Wasabi Tei of yesteryears came flooding back for the companion, I can only take heart that this is deserving of a mention.


Wakame to really just kill time with. I joked that this could be taken fresh off from a packet but I suppose it was not overly sweet made it different from the Sakae offerings.

shiok maki 

Second Generation SHIOK Maki ($16.80)
Crispy prawn wrapped around lightly roasted salmon

Word has it that the first generation of roasted salmon and eel was so successful, they had a second generation of it. I should have just gone for the first before the second as the previous order of wakame caused a boring moment when the sushi finally arrived. The sweetness did interfere with the overall enjoyment but that being said - an overload of fish roe and secret creamy sauce makes this maki roll oh-soooooo-SHIOOOOK.

And oh yes, be prepared to wait for this shiok number. It was the last to arrive and since they do it in batches, it is completely up to heng-and-suay for the chef to decide to start making it.

Portions are not huge hence I say order all you can at the start if not face forever waiting for the order to arrive. Service tries to be warm and attentive but with shorthanded going on, I can only appreciate they are trying. Cheap, this definitely is not but for the bang of the buck...value for money is the case.

Koh Sushi and Grill
Food Republic, Wisma Atria


  1. Actually if you miss the chirashi don of Wasabi Tei, you can still have it at Mitsuba.

  2. @dirtystall: thanks for the tip! Shall return for a try!