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Jade Garden Seafood Restarant @ Pengerang and more!

The Dad is the adventurous one in the family. He visited Pengerang years back and came back victoriously with tapao-ed baby lobsters for dinner - one helluva memorable dinner. Time and again we would egg him on to take another pilgrimage to bring back these babies which he gave into a couple more times before calling it quits.

He suggested we visited the place to experience Pengarang. For the love of food, of course I gamely agreed. Changi jetty it was for the ride, it is the same jetty for rides to Pulau Ubin. It is near Desaru and wildly popular amongst bike enthusiasts.

Changi Village, once with a colourful night life has morphed into a bustling area for chefs testing the culinary scenes with their offerings. Think Chockful of Beans for one and the options are just endless.


Should the ferry ride be daunting, there's always a friendlier-non-motion-sickness option. 


Rejoice when you see this, the starting point of day's journey. 


Pick your sides, wisely.

kitty cat

I suppose this is their resident cat. 


The deluding notice. The ferry to Pengareng effectively takes just 45 minutes yet the wait is endless for enough people to form 12. The journey to is definitely less of a hassle than the return.


It is really a case of luck when it comes to being allocated a ferry.


Our much stable ride!

12 passengers

Everything so rickety and messy that brings the good old days back.

curry puf

Crispy potato puffs from a random indian stall at Changi Village - perfect ferry ride snacks!


So after much waves crashing and suntanning and munching of sweets to prevent the choppy waves from getting into the way of a equilibrium balancing ride, I finally step foot on Pengarang.


The rather lonely customs.

Unless you have pre-arranged transport if not, get ready to be quoted RM 20 per taxi of four to get to the city proper. Do not attempt to walk out of the customs in that sweltering heat, I can barely last 5 minutes. I suppose drivers list safety at the least important hence the rate the cabbies were ramming their cars. Nonetheless, swiftly we arrived.


Their designated cab stand in town.

colourful cab

A fashionable ride.

I wish we had more sense to ask to be driven to the restaurant than attempt to find it on foot. Yes, we learnt...the hot way. Temperatures seem to be way hotter in our sunny neighbour and trust my Dad's non-existent sense of direction to make the walk even hotter than ever. Truth be told the distance to the row of seafood eateries is not far, the weather made it so.

opp eatery

The dowdy alternative just opposite.

spot it!

Jade Garden?


Celebrity endorsed too! Jade Garden it was for cleanliness, sprightly surroundings and best of all, the prices were really reasonable.

swim away

Hi there, squiggly legs!


Crunchy peanuts to munch on.

no lard

A reminder that diners will not expect to find pork ribs on the menu.


The seemingly empty restaurant that filled up so quickly, we were really lucky to nab a seat.


Spot the now defunct Channel U logo.


Fresh coconut juice to dissipate the heat a weebit!


Sold out on their RM 120 lobsters, we were offered the next grade of RM 140 per kg. Served with a fried crumbs of sand-like ingredient, delicious they were and we could not stop munching.


Yet, the best part of the dish had to be their succulent lobsters cooked to such perfection, we were too blissed out to even talk.

chicken soup

Chicken Soup with a whole chicken soaking in the flavourful broth. Tender chicken with a truckload of ingredients to pass this off as tonic soup, I was really surprised by this delicious number.


Sambal Lala (RM 20) lipsmacking awesome! Somehow I tend to eat the most of such in Malaysia. Loved the spicy afterkick and juicy little blobs. 


Fried Spinach was supposed to be Sambal Kangkong. Portions are so generous and for the price, so worth it!


Steamed fish. I have to admit I am no fan of steamed fish and even with the delicious plum sauce, it was a really fresh fish dish.


Yam Paste (RM 25) for the table when all we wanted was a bowl. No lard used for sure yet this was so good!

orh nee

Velvety smooth yam paste with pumpkin chunks with a generous coconut gravy soaking it.

For that nano-second, we contemplated throwing our wedding banquet there. For value and taste, it wins hands down.


Yes, goodbye kisses my love. I only wish we had the equivalent in Singapore at the same prices!

A short walk around town brought us to possibly the only souvenir shop in the area and Marry Brown. I somehow always remember Malaysia for Marry Brown.

old school

Old school max.

biscuit jars

Cookie jars!


Freshly baked confectioneries for takeaway!

chestnut pastry

The funny thing is then, even the loosely packed items have expiry dates a good 6 months later.


Cheap eats. 

chestnut pastry

Tasted decent but these should be eaten hot!


Terribly cheap crackers at RM 2 per packet, great snack monsters!


I could get lost in all the delicious eats.


Remember this shop name to pick up souvenirs!


A random roadside mee stall.


Roadside fruit stall with mangoes so big, the in-laws mistook them for papayas.


Do round up the day trip with a Magnum (RM 4.50), such a steal!


Au revoir, Pengerang!

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. Nice post.

    Looking at your pictures, I can feel the heat. It must be really hot in Pengerang.

  2. @anon: thanks! yes toooo hot!! ;x