Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fruit Paradise @ Raffles City Basement

Fruit tarts were the rage when Tampines 1 opened, with queues snaking so far and wide that I was scared to even attempt. And then I did, more than once. It has to be these subpar visits that caused Fruit Paradise to be notches away from top of mind recall when it comes to takeaway dessert.

Truth be told, fruit tarts are a dime too many in Japan and in fact, every fruit tart looked uncannily like those from Fruit Paradise. Hence, I still did not veer towards eating those made locally after visiting Japan. 

I blame insolence for the last minute decision not to order in advance and be left with so many mind boggling options just hours shy of our Father's Day dinner.

strawberry mango

They released a more consumer friendly size of approximately 6 inch fruit tarts just for Father's Day - hooray for small families without sweet tooths. Their usual sizes of 19cm is a challenge to even complete in one seating.

Mango Strawberry is their topseller at the Raffles City outlet and thankfully they could make the tarts upon demand with customization! I had a mixed fruit tart sold under my nose before I could order and the family who triumphed threw us smirks - disgusting!

fruit tart 

Always request for your tart to be sliced professionally to avoid ruining the piece of art and definitely, feeling so annoyed with the tart massacre.

Mildly sweet, this dessert number was delicious. I loved the custard, cream and fruit combination - a tropical delight for summer! The tart base was crunchy and crumbly at the same time, double loves. The companions at dinner had nothing but raves too.

$28.95 if I am not wrong for this petite one. 

All it really takes is one good visit to spin off the next...and for Fruit Paradise, I am sold!

Fruit Paradise
Raffles City Basement


  1. Do you know how they cut their tarts so cleanly? It is marvelous how they can do such that all the fruits on top are sliced cleanly and not falling off all over the place.

    Thanks for your write-ups. Love your recent Bangkok reviews.

  2. @LT: I'm not sure how they do it but Ive learnt never to attempt to cut on my own!

    Thanks for reading!