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Chin Chin Eating House Revisited @ Purvis Street

chin chin

Home is where food is simple and tastes best. I am no Hainanese but I always find comfort in Chin Chin's food.


The usual condiment tray for Hainese Chicken Rice - they seem to assume everyone heads there for that!

aloe vera

My favourite Aloe Vera Drink ($2.50) to kick start the meal but of late seems that the refreshing aloe vera cubes have given way to aloe vera strips. Disappointing much.

pork chops

Hainanese Pork Chops ($8)

Since the days that these cost $5 to its current price of $6 for small, I have loved it over and over again. Just the right amount of crumbs and lean meat with their old school peas and potato wedges. They have the tomato sauce separated to prevent the dish from being too soggy. People say the best Hainese pork chops are found elsewhere, I beg to differ.

salted egg prawns 

Salted Egg Prawns

These are coated with a layer of savoury paste and deep fried. Lovely rendition here but lacking in the grittiness and grease that a diet rupturing one would have.

fried rice

Fried Rice ($4.50)

Dick Lee would proclaim "Fried Rice Paradise" and I would not object. Wok hei, flavour and rice all maketh a solid fried rice. Portions are in heaps too - must order!


Stir fried Kailan

I would not make a deal out of their vegetable dishes since they are rather regular.


Stir fried Beef with Bitter Gourd

A bitter number, for obvious reasons. I found the beef a tad tough though.

Give me my hainanese pork chops and I'm one happy diner.

Chin Chin Eating House
Purvis Street

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