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Sarnies @ Telok Ayer Street


Sarnies is one of those brunch places that suits early risers like me to a T. They open at 9am and already spot a steady flow of visitors. Best of all, they open on Sunday! I wonder what is the stickler for opening for business on Sundays for cafes and French restaurants. Isn't business most brisk on Sundays? I shall leave that mystery unsolved for now.

Bits and bobs of the cafe that screams casual-kickback-comfy!



Too early for the morning!


Homemade granola to go!


Drool at the weekday menu.


Made for chilling out.

table number

Cute way to number my order.


Menus printed on paper bags. 


THE Fry Up ($25.90)
Eggs, bacon cured, pork sausage, homemade baked beans, grilled mushrooms, sour dough toast

Yes indeed, THE in capitals. The cafe's best all in one plate. They pride themselves for curing the bacon which I found too salty on its own. Loved the homemade baked beans, grilled mushrooms and sour dough toast! Some may find it too hard but I enjoyed the crunch.


Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs ($23.90)
Sour dough, lemon and dill

Smoked salmon overload with the generous slices tossed on top. Once again, not a scrambled egg fan but I liked this morning egg dish. Not too overly buttery or milky, just right with the savoury smoked salmon.


Pancakes ($22.90)
Greek yogurt, honey, blue berries, black berries, raspberries, mint, orange zest

Three fluffy pancakes that had a hotcake consistency, too fluffy infact where jabbing it too hard caused disintegration. I would rank this high on antioxidants with the amount of fruits piling high.

Premium prices Sarnies charges for breakfast on Sunday, I must add. Their brunch menu is limited but they serve very hearty and satisfying stuff. Expect nothing to come in a tiny dish and leave still hungry. Power brunches Sarnies has and while I am still wishing for their signature sandwiches, I shall leave that for the next visit. Oh yes, terribly warm service too!

road signs

The area worth of food gems which I cannot wait to uncover. 

136 Telok Ayer Street

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