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Poteato @ Yong Siak Street

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Tiong Bahru is easy to love. Yet, finding a place for good old dessert got us traipsing around the estate. Me in heels and the companion in his spiffy corporate wear. 40 Hands was as usual bustling with people and surprisingly open on a Friday night. Social Haus had a non existent dessert menu and having been to Open Door Policy one time too many, we were actually just left with Poteato.


Tongue in cheek pictures adorn the walls. 

broken sold

There is a corner of wares to view and hopefully find a home.

tea pots

Teapots galore.


Tea anyone?


I would not say I was terribly impressed with the desserts on display but I just wanted a sweet finish.


Housed in glass covers.

blackforest tart

Blackforest Cheese Tart ($7.80)

It was a full tart with slices still in tact. Hence the following conversation took place;

"Does it have chocolate?"
"Just cherries and cheese."

There were chocolate flakes on top so I thought it did make sense that this blackforest tart could be without a layer of chocolate. Afterall, this is what having deconstructed and reinterpreted desserts all this while do - change your perception of what is old school.

Then it dawned on me, it was through and through black forest. A thick chocolate fudge jeweled with kirch cherries topped with cream cheese and chocolate flakes. All on a tart.

Chocolate fudge in my face and I did not have the will to kick a fuss and tuck in I did. It is a good tart, in fact a really decent one that could get my vote over blackforest cake. The strange thing then is the fudge and cream cheese taste awesome altogether but individually are as stark different as chalk and cheese.

iced lemon tea

Iced Lemon Tea ($4.80)

The second booboo happened. Originally we ordered another iced drink without sugar but the lady at the counter claimed that the drink was already sugared hence she recommended iced lemon tea. Turns out it was also sugar-based and got us all thinking - are we hard to comprehend or the lady over the counter and us are two ends of the world different.

I am eyeing a return for their truffle fries and dinner yummies. Until then!

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