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Peramakan @ Santa Grand Hotel

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I first heard of Peramakan catering years back when I had to plan for a catered lunch. With the price premium then we gave it a miss but it was lingering in the memory bank for peranakan food till this day. We were all overjoyed to have an outlet in the East and furthermore curious when the restaurant is always packed. Lucky us were immediately shown a table despite no reservations on a public holiday.


Rice is charged per pax at $1 and is free flow so there will be random waitresses walking around with baskets like these.


Lime juice with aloe vera ($4.50) is always a must for a spicy meal!


Power belechan so mighty and spicy!

ngoh hiang

Ngoh Hiang ($10)

I love my ngoh hiang with sticky sauce, the main grouse usually is having them stuffed with fatty bits and these were decently meaty and crispy!


Sambal Kangkong ($10)

Hardly spicy too but their side of power belachan did the work. 

ayam buah keluak

Ayam Buah Keluak ($16)

An acquired dish for most, I love digging into the keluak for the black nut paste. Additional nuts are chargeable at $2 each. While curry chicken could have been a better option, I like the nuts and tender chicken!


Cincaluk Omelette ($10)

I remember the pink paste with shrimp swimming in it and having it fried sounded delicious. Yet all it was turned out to be a fried omelette with hardly a trace of cincaluk. Even getting a dish of cincaluk sauce could save it, a ripoff!

bubor chacha

Bubur Cha Cha ($5)

Too white for comfort, infact it was like snow with a couple of fruit pastilles. The coconut milk was straight off a can with yam and sweet potato tossed into the pile of crushed ice. Possibly the poorest rendition of this Peranakan dessert.

durian pancake

Apom Balik Durian ($6)

I wanted to try their pancakes with banana but ended up caving in to these stinky ones. Their durian pengat is made with yam and sweet potato but this was pure puree. Rich and sweet, the pancakes are served warm. Delightful end to the meal at last!

Peramakan is pricey yet not entirely authentic peranakan cuisine. While a notch up from Chilli Padi, I can find better alternatives around.

Santa Grand Hotel
171 East Coast Road

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