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Nadaman @ Shangrila


Since 1830 Nadaman has been creating culinary waves all over. They are found in Shangrila hotel chains and I was looking forward to this visit for a long time now - even way before Tatsuya caused an impression actually.


With touches like these and a decent number of Japanese diners, it truly felt like Japan. 


The busy chef. 




Spinach and bonito flakes to kick start the meal - only the Japanese can present something so pedestrian yet taste so good.


Chawanmushi fan I am definitely not, infact, I have only been wowed on a select number of occasions and mostly in the land of the rising sun.

california sushi

California Roll ($15)

The most expensive california roll eaten. When it arrived, I did a double take on the bland looking sushi. I suppose Sushi Tei and Sakae Sushi has built such a colourful image of it that anything less is different. It was just avocado and crabmeat that made all the difference - it dawned on me, that's the way california rolls should taste like, not just crunchy cucumbers and artificial crabmeat.


Their bento sets are a steal - presented in little plates.


So fresh, it would have been a flashback to Japan.


A first time ordering fish voluntarily. Cod teriyaki was tastefully done and really fresh.


The mackerel was hardly fishy - a major plus point and it kept us belly happy.


I particularly loved the beancurd skin that had a foamy and light texture.

garlic rice

I am probably so used to fried rice with wok hei that these Japanese equivalents seem to lack flavour.  Nonetheless, it was still tasty with a dash of soya.

miso soup

Not a miso soup fan and this was pretty wholesome.


Pickles make any meal appetizing.


The icecream had to be the greatest letdown, somewhere between Wall's and King's, icicles included.

Quality food that definitely piqued the interest for seconds. Even at 1-for-1, the quality was not compromised. It always tickles the interest when I see Japanese patronizing the restaurant, one for sure, it also resonates well with them.



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  1. Nice! Always wanted to go Nadaman but thought it would be super expensive. $38 for lunch sounds like a steal. Thanks for the recommendation.

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  3. @rubbisheatrubbishgrow: on the contrary not! there's an online booking system for a 1-for-1 and that would sweeten the deal further for you! That makes it 38++ for two ^^