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Lau Pat Sat Festival MarketEats

LPS definitely takes the hat for being our most popular hawker haunt, next to Newton Food Center. For starters, I did not even know LPS as LPS Festival Market. Talk about being true blue Singaporean.  Trying to smell as good as I stepped in during lunch is impossibru though dinner is a safer bet assuming you do not seat where the uncles are fanning their satays.

Mian Dui Mian
Stall 87

beef noodles

Beef Noodle ($6)

I am a softie for noodles thesedays, especially those found in these chinese stalls. These are handmade so I suppose they should not be too bad.


Oodles of heaven. I do not normally fight toothpick and chopstick for noodles but for these I will! Mildly sweetened, these dense chewy noodles are so delicious. No amount of soaking in gravy will render it soggy. Loved the flavours of the beef and sprinkling of spring onions. Heaven is wishing that the bowl of noodles lasted more than they did. Paired with their bomb of chilli paste, I was belly satisfied. Seconds...soon!


Xiaolongbao ($4 for 5 pcs)

These were less than awesome though, skin was too thick and soup was mostly dried up.

Best Satay 
Stall 7


Satay is a must eat at LPS for the simple reason that there is a long row of them. Birds of a feather flock together? The combination of pork, beef and chicken did little to differentiate. These were plain overcharred meat on sticks.

Katin Indonesian Food
Stall 128

ayam penyat

Ayam Pengat ($5.50)

Comes with complimentary MSG laden soup. If anything, this was fried chicken with heaps of breaded crumbs. The curry vegetables stood out for being powered by too much chilli.

Stall 79

One of the few stalls that sells Japanese food but the only stall that does more than regular bento sets. Think thickly cut sashimi freshly flown in, sushi and rice bowls.


I was half convinced about their pricey rice bowls (to the tune of $11 and more) so I made the meek attempt on their cheaper sushi sets ($5.50 onwards).


The proportion of rice to raw fish is reasonable given how the Japanese stalls in Japan tend to do that. One bite, and the difference was obvious. Luxurious slivers of omega 3 regardless salmon or tuna. I prefer salmon belly for this and I wish I had space for their rice bowls.

Affordable restaurant quality food they have got and do watch out for them!

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  1. The xlbs at alexandra village cost $4 for 8 tsk. Looks so much better too!

  2. @ice: exactly! But the noodle here wins hands down!