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Kith Cafe @ Park Mall

kith cafe

I'm not sure when Kith Cafe was located at Park Mall, infact all along I was under the impression they had an outlet only at Robertson Quay. Brunch is still a very popular concept these days and the diners show full support with their choices as opposed to mains. Even way past 1 pm, we had to queue for a table and as the names were slowly struck off the waiting list, I can only salivate over the orders that were furiously served.

iced coffee

Coffee staple that was "really good". 



For the greens and feta cheese, this was an a-o-k-a-y salad.

corn omelette

Full Breakfast

With an extra side of bacon, this was a dish that would make the big bad wolf happy. Skinny strips of crispy bacon with bratwurst, eggs and choice of toast. I have to admit they do their bread fine and dandy, chunkyweights that pack a punch.

corn omelette

Corn Omelette

It had to be the corn in the omelette combination that got me sold. Nothing fancy nor hearty, just corn in an omelette. I thought the multigrains were the most memorable.

truffle fries

Truffle Fries

Densely cut fries with a hint of truffle, I have to admit disappointment was climbing the more we ate.

I suppose it hardly wowed beyond eggs and toast. I could be wrong about writing it off a brunch place to return since the pasta dishes do look decent, yet for brunch it did not wow.

Kith Cafe
Park Mall

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  1. I agree, their brunch was quite underwhelming. don't understand the rave reviews of their eggy dishes.