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Halia Revisited @ Raffles Hotel

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I have gone back to Halia so many times over a span of a couple months, they should really accord me a loyalty card at least. It's like finding a place with affinity and heading back relentlessly - I am hardcore like that.


The all too familiar.


Table reminders of their signature.


Cream of tomato in a tarty way, not too sour not creamy. 

goat cheese

Gratinated Chevre Goats Cheese ($12)
Tomato, shallots, toasted sour dough, olive oil

This replaced their ever popular celeriac lasagne for this, great for regulars like myself since I get to try other dishes. I am on the fence about goat's cheese, the milky texture with a plasticky smell. The salsa was probably the only connection I had with a salad.


Halia Chilli Crab ($25)
Spaghtettini, spring onion, egg

The kitchen completely redeemed itself after the last booboo created. Spot on with chilli crab and the spice together with pasta done al dente. Proves a further point that stress on a weekend does not do the chefs any good.


Chilean Seabass En Papillote ($43)
Sushi rice, wakame, shiitake, mirin broth, shallot butter, truffle aioli

We sent it back once on the basis that it was not piping hot. Kudos to the team for graciously replacing it and ensuring it was a mindblowing dish. Fishes and I share a unique relationship, in any other forms but fried I find no commonality, occasionally a grilled one would get me excited. This chilean seabass was done so spot on - fresh and so bouncy! It could pass off as cod anytime. The broth, shiitake and butter was a tantalizing combination that made me so willing to scrap the plate of rice empty.


I would prefer if the sushi rice was softer. Usually not one to trade my fork and knife for chopsticks in a western place but in this case, I gladly will!


Sous Vide Baharat Chicken Leg ($28)
Butternut squash puree and roast, ginger, coriander red pepper salsa

Flavours are locked into the chicken being cooked "sous vide" but that resulted in a less than desired texture of the chicken. Pretty much but the least favourite amongst the mains.

ginger nougat

Ginger Nougat Parfait ($10)
Caramelised pineapple, puff pastry, almond, anise, cinnamon

sticky date

Sticky Toffee Pudding ($10)
Date, butterscotch sauce, sea salt, vanilla icecream

Both have been eaten to death across the visits and the toffee pudding is arguably Singapore's best.


Heavenly Halia ($20)
Fresh ginger, pineapple, peach liqueur, blue curacao and sprite

A ladies drink through and through from the sweetness to the colour.


Halia Sunset ($20)
Southern comfort, lychee liqueur, cranberry juice

A silent killer - one that bears no trace of alcohol but does consume you later. I am a fan.


Somersby Apple Cider ($16) 

Riding on a newfound craze for ciders, this was a lovely number to try!


I can never say enough good things about Halia. First and second, third and forth and now the fifth. Plans for a sixth on the cards soon! Brunch, lunch and dinner they do so fine...maybe tea next?


The bar outside!


Hendriks Gin anyone?

bath tub

I never quite thought rose petals and cucumbers were aphrodisiacs.

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