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Childhood favourites: Nabisco Chickin in a biskit

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I grew up with snacking being a main part of my life which explains the biscuit-chocolate-cookie aisles being the favourite in a supermart. At some point, I could have attempted all that was available. Chicken in a biskit holds fond memories for me and having undergone a major rebranding - from design to cookie shape and finally recipe. It was once the saltiest biscuit around but as a kid with boundless energy, it was all delicious.

chicken in a biskit

It was a biscuit with jagged edges, reminding me of an oblong stamp with a crumbly texture which I always wish could have more bite. Years later, it is firmer and comes in chicken drumstick shapes! I actually mistook it for a fish though.


Cheese, however packs more bite and punch. It can pass off as a potato chip replacement anytime and I am completely loving the generous flavouring of nacho cheese!

Does anyone love them like I do? What is your favourite childhood snack then! I'm not sure how far this trail can bring me but I'm looking forward to reconnecting with the edible past.

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  1. There are actually 3 variants! The Chicken in a Biskit one comes in a light green box!