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Chicken Up! @ Tanjong Pagar Road

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chicken up!

I never quite fathomed eating fried chicken for a meal. Since young these have been undoubtedly classified as junkfood and taken as part of a meal at most and usually snacks but not as a proper meal. That did not stop me from snapping up a Bigdeal voucher for an all you can eat korean fried chicken buffet valued for a pop of $25+. All I can eat usually has a caveat and in their case, it does not include "Suicide Spicy Chicken" and "Leek Chicken".

korean pop

Korean mtvs playing on the background with PSY appearing every now and then makes this a true blue korean place. 


Unlike ala carte, we had the liberty to order by piece but once the crowd seeps in, waiting time for every dish could take up to 30 minutes at least. Perfect for testosterone pumping youngsters who want their endless supply of KFC without having to empty their pockets. In the table next to us, we had a truckload of office workers polishing the chicken pieces the way I do to a bag of Kettle Chips.

pear drink

$4.40 to relive those memories in Korea over a glass of Pear Juice. I fell in love with this year back! Refreshing with freshly grated pear in the juice, expensive but this is what I call real fruit juice.


Complimentary salad to kickstart an otherwise really sinful meal. 

spicy chicken

Spicy Up

12 hours of marinate transforms this into a fingerlicking crispy and juicy chicken! The portions given are definitely not miserly, chunks and chunks of proteins that would put any of those fried chicken houses to shame. These were so good, we had seconds.




Curry Up

Comes with a side of curry sauce, the level of crisp for this was lacking though. The curry sauce was however really appetizing, we ended up dunking our fries in too.



This is a korean style sweet and spicy sauce chicken which I thought reminded me of sweet and sour chicken.

popcorn chicken

Popcorn Chicken 

A bite sized version of yangnyum, these ended up a little soggy towards the end.

chicken stew

Chicken stew that was really quite chinese than korean. I enjoyed the glass noodles best.



Thick cut oily fries but these were actually pretty good!

bucket of bones

Burping goodness. 


Exclusions in the buffet.

Sold on korean fried chicken! The buffet is really great value for those looking for a filling and satisfying meal. Move over commercialised joints, Korean Fried Chicken takes the stage!

Chicken Up!
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