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Cedele's Avocado Beetroot Burger

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I never once thought I would embark on vegetarian anything - salads were once thought to be the last straw. Vegan cuisine pushed me over the cliff, okay, it was just Vegan Burgs that scared the living daylights out of me.

Infact, I've been reading so much of tofu burgers and vegetarian burgers at various restaurants and eateries that the I have been possibly brainwashed to be tempted by them.

Before this whole awakening, I would cringe at the idea of having a vegetarian sandwich - OK, I still do. Having just greens in a sandwich or burger sounds too odd.

And I dedicate one entry to one sandwich from one joint. 

chomp therapy

Avocado Beetroot Burger (was $7.80 and now $8.30)

Neither am I sure why the attention was drawn to avocado beetroot on Cedele's chalkboard. I'm such a huge fan of Cedele these days, they should really issue out loyalty cards. At the rate I patronize, I'll be sure to find myself on their roll of honour in no time. Cedele = Comfort.

avocado beet burg

So here's the deal, Enuice Olsen (according to Herworld) loved it so much, she headed back thrice consecutively.

a bite of

I love my beets in burgers - red, juicy (they look somewhat bloody!) and laced with a mild sweetness. Headed for the Golden Pumpkin roll though after attempting it on its own was a unique experience. Ingredients are a wholesome army - lettuce, onion jam, mayo, ripened avocado and beetroot patty.


An unmistaken fragrance wafts out from the unassuming burger. Love the colours to death - red, green, yellow all in one! I believe the beets were mashed with potatoes and cumin, there was a certain potato consistency about the patty. Flavours were spot on - nothing to extraordinarily spicy or salty, just wholesome. I find myself loving the Golden Pumpkin roll, oddly. I'm not sure why they removed the pumpkin bread from the roll of honour, it was my favourite!

I'm still not prepared to trade the beefy works for this yet truly, this will not be the only time I will be ordering this.

avocado beet burg with walnut bread

The second attempt turned out better than the first - surprisingly! I paired it with wholemeal sunflower seed bread. Particularly adored the salted crusty edges which went awesomely well with the rest of it. The bread makes this less of a burger bunwise but I relished every crumb. It is strange saying this but this is one of those burgers that leaves you feeling wholesome - without the MSG aftereffects.

more of the greens

Completely sold on vegetarian burgers the second time round.

By the time this entry goes out, I could have consumed it XYZ number of times, I am actually amazed that I have traded my meats for this and only at Cedele.

Definitely this quest to live and eat healthier does not stop here, I have to get the mojo back and check out the other healthier burgers around! Watch this space for more chow down.

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  1. Hi there. I frequently drop by your blog but it's my first time commenting here :P Cedele does have a Rewards Program which can be found on their website ( I say it's very darn worth it because you get 5% worth of dollar points on every purchase. In fact, this card is not just limited to Cedele outlets, but you can use it also at other shops under the Cedele group (eg Toss and Turn at Ion, P.L.T Sandwiches at Robinson Road).

    I love all their sandwiches and breads too. Simple but flavorful and satisfying

  2. @earlymorningoats: hi there! :) yes I know...recently signed up for it so I suppose there's gonna be plenty more visits!