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Artichoke Revisited @ Sculpture Square

Good restaurants do not need publicity, or so we all think. Rather, there is a misconception that food tastings are mostly issued for flailing businesses that need a jolt of support. I have to be upfront that sometimes these tastings are an inflated experience of the real deal and some do not live up to expectations thereafter.


Artichoke left me choking for more. Apologies for the pun but even before I could pen the last entry I had my heart and mind set on a return. Please make reservations to get a seat indoors else face the wrath of our dear scorching sun being baked outdoors.


Grabbing snatches of herbs for brunch!


Artichoke, oh artichoke.


The interior murals.


Sunny disposition.


Lemonade ($4.50)

A must order in this sweltering temperatures! I am head over heels in love with this refreshing thirst quencher.

mezze platter

Mezze Platter ($24)

An appetizer platter of their house specialties. The pals who have been to the Mediterraneans have nothing but praise for this, authentic or not I know not but their colourful tasty showcases did not fail.

bacon sweet potato

Bacon and Sweet Potato

A new kiddo on the menu, infact one of my friends contributed to its creation in this Artichoke Challenge. This is how it works, customers throw ingredient ideas and the team decides what goes into the next feature! I've thought of mine and shall participate in the next one!


Comprising of bacon chop in chunks, sweet potato and eggs, I hope they keep this substantial number on the menu! Who would think this combination would be this delicious? The pita bread with that butter chunk, sublimal!


Lamb Shashouka ($25)

A tantalizing stew of lamb, tomatoes and eggs sprinkled with chopped pistachios. Wild Honey brought the doldrums to tomato stew and I thought the mexicans loved all things bland. We ended up scrapping the metal plate for more simply because the flavours that were presented were simply amazing - tangy, sinewy and eggy all in one!

date pudding

Date Pudding ($12)

I know that the guys behind Artichoke do not believe in going for run of the mill or following every other restaurant that has jumped onto the bandwagon for THE dish of the moment and still I was surprised that date pudding was presented in a moat of caramel sauce and coffee jelly. The pudding was no different from the Roasted Banana Muffin that I am a major fan of, infact dates were missing. I'd have to pass on loving this one.


Roasted Banana Muffin ($4.50)

Banana in THE muffin. Still wowed by this and made fans of the companions. 1000 calorie muffin? Bring it on.


And then there was the sweet surprise. .

I completed brunch wishing for another return, maybe dinner next! Hidden gem this may be but the steady following that has developed is amazing. Queues form so tirelessly for a bite of their Mediterranean adventures.

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