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Le Tao @ Otaru

le tao

This is the pride of Otaru with a specialty store popping up one every 50 metres. Surprisingly each majors in a specific item – double frommage or cookies or cream puffs and the main store is a consolidation of all their offerings, making it a must visit. It is hardly empty for sure because every visitor has to pay it a visit (Iconic in that aspect).

There are three types of cream puffs available but we only had space for two (oh dang!). The last one was a combination of custard pudding and custard cream – a combination of the two we tried.


Cream Puff (JPY 160)


Pastry is a light flaky confectionary that would normally be classified as the equivalent of a croissant. The layers could get annoying when neither the pastry nor generous custard cream could hold up on its own.


Don’t get me wrong about the filling, it’s liquid, delicious and unfortunately very messy – I ended up slurping up my cream puff.


Chewy Puff (JPY 160)

cream puff

This is a lot more manageable with a chewy mocha shell and cream cheese for dipping. Ingenious way of holding the puff together and a must try for cheese lovers!




The one we didn't try but I wish I did!

Icecreams were available but the weather was too chilly to attempt.

le tao

Double Fromage

Their best seller and we were all stumped. Sponge with double layers of cheese. Hardly wowed as the layers failed to complement each other.

size of cake

The measly portion.

le tao baumkuchen


Depending where we sampled it, the sweetness actually varied. Despite that it was a moist and well done kueh lapis sans the oil.

One does not need to travel all the way to Otaru just for this as there are franchises all over, including the New Chitose Airport.

Le Tao, Otaru
Le Tao Bakery, Sapporo

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