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Kita No Ryouba @ Otaru

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Otaru is a quaint little town 30 minutes away from Sapporo and while many go on day trips, some head there for a mini getaway. Near the JR Otaru station is plenty of accommodation. We were however headed to Otaru Minami station (1 stop away) where the main attractions are. The distance between the two stations is horrendously far – especially in the cold! Having heaps of tourists visiting did little to negate the cold but at least it gave us a heads up where to go – where the crowds are. Students were on some day excursion and many thronged to this particular restaurant along the snow covered streets.


Large snowmen!


The restaurant that was garnering too much attention for us to ignore.It took up two storeys and two shophouses worth of space selling seafood – rice bowls and grilled items.


Old school napkins wrapped in plastic.


Even the waiter is draped in traditional gear - melike!

rice bowl


Nearly every table had an order of this seafood bowl. Value for money methinks with all the fresh seafood starring back at me. The thing about chirashi dons here is they do not stinge on the ingredients, rather they pile it so high up there is way more ingredients than rice proper. As usual, we licked it spotlessly clean.


Crunchy fins.

rice bowl

Crabmeat galore! A dab of wasabi does make a heaven of difference to the already delicious ricebowl. I never quite thought seafood could exist in this abundance and at such affordable prices. Blissed out!


Overkill of crab but who cares when it tastes so awesome! Soup always works for winter.


Grilled squid, so fresh! A simple miso sauce made this one of homely goodness.


Fried salmon fillets, somehow the food travels have taught us that salmon is hardly that fresh in this part of Japan. These were slightly salted.


Value for money hang out with equally delicious food to match up.


The walk to find Otaru Canal that was quite underwhelming after the hassle.

Kita No Ryouba

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  1. Hi, what you think are sharks' fins are actually herring roe, also known as kazunoko.

  2. @dresspark: whoops! thanks for pointing it out~ :)