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Genova @ Mount Hakodate

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hakodate ropeway

Mount Hakodate is one of the best spots to see the night lights of Hakodate. We wanted very much to have a drink somewhere to see the night landscape but the temperatures were terribly low and the hotel bar was but a lowly 13 storeys. It is accessible by a ropeway that travels too fast – way faster than a cable car and at some point, it was actually hair standing. Up on the mountain there are only 2 eateries – Genova and a tea lounge one floor up that serves exactly the same thing at the same prices, without service.

top view

View from the ropeway!


Ticket up the mountain.




Inside the cafe.


Almost 180 degrees worth of view.


Still at it.


Worth a miss.


Some vegetable soup that highly likely came from a can.

crab gratin

Scallop and Crab Gratin

It is a joy to see seafood so affordable on the menu and decent tasting! Loved the fried scallops despite shrivelling up.


Hokkaido Steak

Portions are small – more like a ladies cut. Kudos to the kitchen for getting the doneness right even without asking.


Salmon Don

beef bowl

Beef Don

Both came in a set for the confused. A bite of each infact. Decent and nothing to rave about unfortunately.


Hokkaido Scallop

Yes, even the restaurants serve them so fresh. Squeeze of lemon - well balanced kind of tasty!


Most were there to watch the sunset (which did not happen because we were not seated at the right side!) but it was therapeutic watching snow fall on the city. Buses downtown are available every 30 minutes and goes for a pop of a flat 200 yen. Miss that and risk having to climb down the slippery and steep hill in darkness.

Mount Hakodate

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