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Dessert @ Boni Moriya, Hakodate

Shopping is tragically limited in Hakodate with shops closing their shutters as early as 7pm and supermarts also calling it a day by 8pm. Generally, the fashion is a few seasons' late, the way of life is a tad too slow and people do not really adore shopping the way the Tokyo-ians do. Boni Moriya was where we spent the few evening scouring for takeaways.


The irresistible montblanc - it intrigues me that chestnuts come in purple and yellow.

mont blanc interior

Definitely not the best eaten - the chestnut swirls were hardened and everything else was too sweet. Proportions of cream and sponge was somewhat lopsided too - not such a great piece of culinary work. Made me wonder how fast is their turnaround time.


Cheesecake that fared way better!

So there can be things in Japan that do not taste that great - in their tinier towns. 

Boni Moriya Basement

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