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Vie De France @ JR Sapporo

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vie de france

It was one of those days that we decided not to have Mcdonalds for breakfast and venture beyond. Bread is universally friendly, right? Brisk business at Vie De France with office goers buying buns like hotcakes and we our hemming and hawing we could have incurred the wrath of the usually friendly Japanese.

basket full of

Tray of supposed goodies. 


A salad soaking in dressing.

croque madam

Croque Monsieur

ham cheese

Ham and Cheese Bread

Bland tasting buns with ingredients that should not fail a simple sandwich. Yet for these, it was terrible.

curry pocket

Curry Bun

A profound fritter bun with vermicelli curry mix. Very odd.


Bleh coffee to kickstart the day. 

An expensive breakfast with subpar tastes, each piece cost about SGD 2. Could sound crude saying this but I would be happier with butter bread than any of the items attempted.

Vie De France
Near Sapporo Subway

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