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Skiing at Kiroro Resort and more!


Skiing is another winter must do and we scrambled to find a resort that would be open to public early December. Be mindful of when the peak prices apply. Off to Kiroro Resort for a day’s worth of skiing! For beginners like ourselves, it is most important to hire an instructor (which resulted in a private lesson with an English speaking one). With rented gear, we were off to a 2 hour session! Before that, we made use of the lift pass to travel up to the highest point of the resort for lunch.

snow slopes

I would have expected the most panaromic view of the resort but the snow and cold made me happy to just be indoors even if it were just a canteen.


White, snow white.


I wish I had a go on those riskier slopes! Beginner only gets you so far.


Inside the canteen!


Laminated menu board at the entrance.


Oden (JPY 500)

A colleague raved about this dish and I caved in. Perfect for winter and I totally understand why. It tastes way hotter than it looks and is really just like Japanese yong tau foo. Personal favourite is the konnyaku jelly which is all of chewy and bouncy.

curry rice

Kiroro Set (JPY 1300)
Curry Rice, Udon

Trust the chefs to be capable of cooking a more than decent curry dish! Flavourful in a way that made this easy to polish off.



Yet another soupy comfort dish for winter.


Black Coffee (JPY 400) to wash down the grease, more than decent as compared to an instant fix. 

We were impressed by the food coming from a place that looks like a canteen, more so that it was based in a resort that I would expect would serve up subpar food at tourist prices.

We headed straight for our 2 hour personal coaching lesson by an English speaking coach who had more than 30 years of experience. I have to admit skiing is hardly my kind of activity but having flown so far to Hokkaido, I just had to do it. Truckloads of fun and pain crashing into the snow and falling onto the ground. Picking myself up was definitely not the funnest bit since I was wearing such heavy gear! Two hours went by in a flash and our bones were aching beyond measure once the gear was tossed off. Make sure you book an onsen visit like we did the next day - surely did those aches some good!

After expensing all the energy, we had to have nibbles regardless the price.

rip off

I was obviously ripped off by the purchases made post skiing at the resort’s souvenir shop. Hokkaido potatoes that were priced above JPY1000 when it would cost JPY840 in town.

chinese bun

Irresistible hot bites.


Chinese pau in Japan, I must be kidding myself.

chinese chicken bun

Mega surprising tasty chicken pau! Fluffy pau texture with a delish chicken stuffing.


Another exorbitant snack - JPY 1050 for 10 pieces of scallops. Albeit awesomely delicious, the price tag haunts.


Instant pork cutlet sandwiches!

frozen sandwich

Frozen pork cutlet sandwiches that were hardly edible.

snow covered

The gorgeous that we left behind.


Snow so fine and powdery, an experience to last one life time.

Kiroro Resort

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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