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Shiroi Koibito Park @ Sapporo

shiroi koibito park!

This is the confectionery version of a theme park, like Disney Tokyo is a must visit. Okay, I am exaggerating but Shiroi Koibito Biscuits are world famous – it’s almost the same as going to a Bengawan Solo factory (if they had one, locally).


Directions are clear and easy to follow from the Miyanosawa Station.


Friendly counter staff.




Delicious much.


Cute pawprints to show the way.


There are few parts to the factory – mainly three storeys worth including a must visit restaurant. I found the factory visit interesting – their famous cookies are still very labour intensive. I cannot imagine having to stare at them all day long to see which is out of line or overbaked.

window mosiac

Lovely mosiacs!

wedding cake2

There are weddings held at the park, fairy tale like I say!

wedding cake

So pretty!


There are regular showtimes of energized-super-happy tunes being broadcasted and animals popping in and out of towers – a weebit too childish for me.


The only cafe to rest our feet!


Lovely view!


Spy the Shiroi Koibito Baseball sports field. 

cake counter

Rows of dessert to pick from!


Pretty napkins too.


Tea is not complete without gorgeous tea sets. 

white chocolate

Hot white chocolate

This was a sickening kind of sweet towards the end of the mug - I wonder how much sugar went into it but I ended up with a headache from all that sugar.

milk chocolate

Hot milk chocolate

These were also sweet and available in cans for purchase.

orange liquer

Orange liquer to negate the sweetness. 

Hot bitter chocolate

Possibly the best of the trio with the bitter aftertaste, the sweetness was not as cloying as the rest.


Cappucino for the chichi.

white choc roll

White chocolate cake with icecream

The overhype of the famous cookie probably spilled over to their desserts. Soft sponge with the familiar sweetness that punches every dessert they churn out. The soft serve icecream was surprisingly pleasant and not too sweet! That became an instant favourite from the visit.


Strawberry sauce to go with the dessert I guess. 

walk way

Loving the festive touches to the stairway.

souvenir hall

The doors to crazed souvenir shopping where the fullest range of their offerings are found here.


A walk in a snowy park?


Beautiful lights that makes winter uber romantic.


Winter ain't complete without a snowman.

shiroi koibito


A tip or two about picking up souvenirs from their tempting mart, the same items are also available at supermarts and even the airport. However, being the tourist that I was, I still chose to lug them back in the snow – the cute bag jacket that they place over the paper bags so the purchases will not get wet in the snow (so thoughtful!). The park is not a must visit but a good to go if you have extra time on your hands.


I Gateau


A buttery yet light financier! Once again too sweet but would be perfect with a cup of black coffee.


Chocolate Pieces (Winter Edition)

Trust them to fully capitalize on winter and these are wrapped in shimmery paper! Perfect for christmas.


Doubles of each flavour.


Flavours clearly labelled - definitely meant for tourists.


Milk Chocolate with Caramel


It is quinessentially a wafer biscuit with filling and coated with chocolate. Caramel was actually outshone by the chocolate.


Dark Chocolate with Blueberry


Dark chocolate somehow fared better than milk, less sweet and complemented blueberry better.


White Chocolate with Marron


The white fared better with maroon. They specialise in chocolate biscuits and this expertise is tasted in the white - smooth and mildly sweet. Great as a tea time snack!

Shiroi Koibito Park

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. haha you can get these wafer biscuits at the ongoing Isetan hokkaido fair now! Bought LeTAO's and melon cheesecake too. The melon cheesecake is swoons.

  2. @ice: can always count on you for tipoffs :P the melon cheesecake is enticing...!

  3. Loveeeeeeeeeeeee the white chocolate with marron one! :P