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Shirakaba Sanso Ramen @ ESTA, Sapporo

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ramen hall

The first stop of the trip went to a ramen lunch. Housed at ESTA, there is a floor worth of ramen options. Should you be exceptionally hungry, you can consider going on a ramen trail. 


eat as many

Complimentary eggs for the ravenous! The only stop in the trip that provided that for diners and it was a good feature to fill the hunger whilst waiting for our ramen. 


Thoughtful napkins to clean our hands before peeling the eggs.


A bright yellow greets. 



This seemed to be more oriental than japanese. Chewy skin stuffed with chives and pork, loved it!


Miso with Chinese Roast Pork (JPY 980)


Miso Ramen (JPY 780)


Shoyu Ramen (JPY 780)


Spicy Ramen (JPY 880)

Terribly oily and laden with MSG, the ramen was actually quite good at the start but the aftereffects were felt once lunch ended. The thing about ramen is, the broth and noodle is key and should I not like either..the bowl is quite a goner. The flavours tasted about the same across all bowls though I favoured Miso over the rest. Not the bestest ramen eaten but we were too hungry to debate otherwise. I would have preferred to return for the butter corn ramen within the vicinity but that quest gave way to others. 


Nostalgia always kicks in.


I would have lugged back so much more...this souvenir shop sells all things old school!

Shirakaba Sanso Ramen, ESTA
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