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Ramen @ Hakodate

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Winter is dreadful not just because of the snow but because shops close so early, dinner becomes a chore. Finding a decent place at pocket friendly prices is a task, especially so in a sleepy town like Hakodate. There was shabu shabu going at 4000 Yen per pax but ramen at 600 Yen was a friendlier option.


Godsent find in winter, else risk going to bed hungry!

chop sticks

Usual ramen suspects.


Prepping for the hungry folks.


That's the chef with a funky hairdo.

sea urchin

Drawn by the crab claw and sea urchin ramen picture, we made it our dining location for the day.


The alkaline taste was too strong to ignore, somehow causing the dish to lose quite a few points in the taste department. Cooked sea urchin loses its amazing texture and taste as well. I choose not to label this terrible yet I am not a fan of this.


Also available with soup broth and char siew.

char siew

Extra topping of cha siew, these were fatty!


Gyozas are a must with ramen, as with peanuts and beer. Thin skin wrapping around a lean meat stuffing, somehow these tasted better.


Generous topping of roe, looking at it brings a huge smile!

Passion the ramen chefs have about their job, watching them busy themselves or even neatly fold gyozas is a point of reflection. When was the last time I was this passionate about my job?

Ramen place next to hotel

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