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Lucky Pierrot @ Hakodate


Hakodate is a 3 hour train ride from Sapporo and it is a quiet town or so we discovered. The view when the sky is bright is pretty awesome as with the night view but in winter, most shops close so early! Shopping is way limited and I'm talking about fashion generations back - ok, not so bad but it is dated.


An idea of how dark it gets by 6pm in December. Even fast food restaurants close early! We were lucky enough to grab an early dinner on one of the days there.

Hakodate’s answer to fastfood. Strange or not, I hardly saw any MOS burger joints throughout the trip and Lucky Pierrot is exclusive to Hakodate. Ask any Hakodate citizen and they gladly pointed us in the right direction of this fast food restaurant.

lucky pierrot

For a lack of a good word, the restaurant looked clownish with a touch of carnival. I was looking forward to my first whale burger – the largest mammal in water. The online folks are probably outdated but their famous whale burger has since been removed, replacing it is a menu that looks rather ordinary save for their megaweights which are limited in quantities of twenty daily.


Merchandise for diehards.

mayo fries


These came in a mug (not for takeaway) and a dollop of mayo. Ordinary fried fries.


Burgers came wrapped and taped - just like MOS Burger. I'm beginning to think this is the Japanese way.

chicken burger

Chinese Chicken Burger (JPY 350)

Major surprise that a Chinese burger could be tops in their menu replacing whale burger. The sweet sticky sauce made this burger distinct but I was not a fan.

lucky pierrot
Lucky Cheese Burger (JPY 390)

I was hardly happy after eating the burger, the beef patty lacked flavour and was mostly mushy. I figure the sauces need some getting used to as I found it a mismatch with the burger. If anything, their sesame encrusted burger buns are delish!


Hakodate Mountain Burger (JPY 1100)

A burger that is likely to appear at most eating competitons with three layers worth of ingredients. Only for the hungry with an appetite to match! While the companion did not say much, he wiped it out – too hungry methinks.

green tea

An average fastfood joint with top notch service. In their halting English they maintained their service levels even taking back wrong orders with no questions asked. Two thumbs up Lucky Pierrot! Smoking is allowed on premise which made it somewhat annoying.

Lucky Pierrot

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. Thank you, no one else had mentioned that the Whale Burger was gone. This saves us a trip.

  2. @anon, ure welcome..i wish there was someone to inform as well!

  3. Oh man! I wish I'd seen your post earlier today! I also was looking forward to the whale burger and couldn't see it anywhere on the menu. And the first thing I thought of when I took a bite of the Chinese chicken burger's overrated. Though I'd hate to compare, MOS burger is way better.