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Kinotoya Bakery and Sweets @ Sapporo

odori blisse

Housed in Odori Blisse is a dessert hall - H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S. Snaffles from Hakodate is also available there but all eyes were for Kinotoya Sweets. Done in a cafe style, customers can pick up items from any and dine in. While the range seems lesser than featured on the website, it was enough to get me all tempted and confused.

kinotoya sweets

Incredibly polite and unbelivably good service when all we got was 2 slices of cakes near closing time. Trust the Japanese to always wow - though not always the case!


Omelette Parfait (JPY 399)

fruit tart.

After the attempt at their fruit tarts, I was wary about being all excited about this. Sponge cake with layers of fruit, whipped cream and their secret ingredient - mochi! This does make a huge difference to the fruity dessert. Gives this a different texture and well, I was so sold. I am usually not impressed by soft sponge cakes with a pile of other ingredients, this does take the cake literally!

mont blanc 

Mont Blanc (JPY 399) that was more traditional with two types of chestnuts and a block-ish serving. Light, mildly sweet and all of delicious. I'd have to say it's one of the better mont blancs we tasted on the trip!


The specialty store at the ground floor of JR Station only sells cheese tarts. Throngs of people who buy these buy the boxes of six made us look bad for breaking the tradition.


Busy brushing the tops with egg wash.


Golden brown babies!

cheese tart

I L.O.V.E. the tart base – so crunchy! Cream cheese was a tad molten but well, it was oishii-ne and that was all that matters. The queues do make some sense afterall.

JPY 178 each
JPY 1050 box of 6
Kinotoya Bakery
JR Sapporo Station
Kinotoya Sweets
Odori Blisse

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