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Jinbei @ Stellar Place East

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It was a random visit to Stellar Place basement and we chanced upon this eatery that was decently filled and Japanese. The point about every other cuisine apart from Singaporean is that most of the restaurants overseas are of the cuisine of the country and the Japanese still patronize the Japanese eateries more fervently than the other cuisines.


I liken napkins wrapped in plastic old school.


Toasted Salmon Poached Egg Ceasar Salad (JPY 700)

Salad with japanese dressing somehow tastes different - less calories and double the flavour!


Poached egg done well, we all loved this salad.


Mochi Style Potato Balls with Camembert (JPY 500)

cheese mochi

Fried till golden brown, these cheese nuggets were actually cream cheese wrapped in mochi. Deliciouos much but it would have been better with mozzarella.


Kebab Set (JPY 1000)

Always game for skewers, I possibly did not have the luck with bad yakitori. All were well grilled, smokey and delicious!


Hokkaido Beef Steak (JPY 1200, 150 Grams)

Steak for the carnivore, there could be something about Japanese beef that makes it all different. Somewhat more fatty, more melt in the mouth, more delicious.


To end off in true chinese style, hot pot! The fish soup was hearty and perfect for winter!

Affordable japanese fare despite its stellar location.

Stellar Place East

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  1. wow the food looks really good. price is okay too!

  2. @xinlei: heh yup! surprising that food wasn't too ex in hokkaido!