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Hakodate Morning Market

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Rise and shine for morning market expedition! I love wet markets in Japan because they hardly smell and look like one.


Real near the touristy Motomachi district! We realise that's where all the night action is and it comes at a painful pricetag of a 30 minute walk in plunging temperatures. 


Nowhere near the dirty and smelly wet markets that we have locally. These actually smell good!

squid fishing

As touristy as it is, we spotted a Singaporean tour group there as well. Loads of activity going on in the market even without a famous tuna auction – squid fishing, haggling and hustling for tourist business and we still managed to find a non descript decent looking Japanese restaurant on the second floor.


I say figures speak louder than words – 500 Yen for a seafood don, SOLD.


At the doors which we hovered on quite a while.


It was a sparsely furnished restaurant with waitresses who barely understood English yet we still got our orders right.

 seafood bowl

Seafood Don

Fresh, fresh, fresh. I cannot reiterate how the tastebuds have been spoilt rotten with the amazing food I have been partaking the whole trip. Having fishy food served up is cardinal sin and down to the rice grains, it is nothing short of heaven.

salmon bowl

Salmon Don

The shade of salmon seems darker here, possibly a case of deep sea and shallow water salmon?


Sashimi platter of the day's catch. It has become staple so much so that upon return, nothing would come close in terms of freshness.


Braised octopus for an appetizer.



The cheapest and largest portion of protein available. The chewy squid is hardly rubbery!

I wanted to buy a snow crab to get it cooked the next day but no luck with that. They usually go for 8000 Yen and 1000 for cooking, until the next time I suppose!

squid buns

The lady was probably trying to flail her arms to prevent me from snapping a shot of a squid ink pau. Squid ink's all the rage in the market ranging from squid ink cuttlefish to paus and well, someone should just have squid ink udon or soba?

more crabs

Pricey crustaceans.


That could have been my breakfast and set me back by JPY 8000.


Tons of dried seafood for snacking.


So full of roe! I'm only thinking about my sky rocketing cholesterol levels.


Bright red salmon.

That ended the brief foray into the morning market and off we headed for more adventures!

Hakodate Morning Market

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