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Hakodate Asaichi @ Hakodate Morning Market

A stone’s throw away from Hakodate morning market is this squid ink icecream café. Right smack infront of it is a pop up grill. Freshly torched scallops were sold and I must say, watching the whole process was interesting. The owner would whack the poor shell fella groggy before cooking it over the fire till the shells split open, with a steady snip of a scissors the intestines were gotten rid off and with another squirt of flavouring it was left to bubble on the grill.

Wait, I got carried away with it.


Here's the shop!


Crispy wafer cones.

squid ink

The café sells a variety of other flavours but squid ink was the main attraction. The aftertaste is all of milky, creamy and then squid ink. Light enough to go unnoticed but obvious enough to recognize it’s squid ink. For novelty’s sake at least!

Hakodate Asaichi (Squid Ink Icecream)
Hakodate Morning Market

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