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Fruitscake Factory and Sweet Table @ ESTA, Sapporo


I used to scoff at Fruit Paradise for their fruit tarts – too little tart, too much cream. Until I reached Sapporo and realised this was quite a huge deal in Japan with at least 2 other chains selling these fruit tarts.

Another brand spun off from Fruitcake Factory is Sweet Talk whose cheese cakes are sold off almost immediately after they leave the ovens.


Belittle the lack of queues because everyone was hovering for the cake. These get sold out within minutes that they are baked and cooled, way before closing time the victorious "SOLD OUT" tag gets displayed proudly.

500 yen

The shop's bestseller.  At JPY 500 each, it is no wonder why its popularity is such.


Each cake tin gets filled to the brim with cake batter.

hard at work

Hard at work.


I missed it on one day and made sure I got it the next.


Comes in two flavours, original and raisin, the sponge is so soft and fluffy which makes it a perfect companion for tea or after dinner.


I’d like to describe this like fluffy clouds – airy pockets make this so easy to eat!


The streak to try most of their stuff was on a raging high - fruit tarts next!

strawberry pistaachio

Strawberry Tart

Apart from juicy strawberries, I find little reason to love this.

pear tart

Pear Tart

Deemed a limited edition this winter, I thought this was ordinary. I could have expected more from a seasonal pear tart, more so from fruits in Japan. Afterall, the fruits are exorbitantly priced! Neither impressed though with the fruit nor the tart. I still hold my conclusion about these tarts.

Then, it demystifies me and Japanese fruit tarts. They are not quite my thing hence making Fruit Paradise quite a frienemy - neither love nor hate.

Fruitscake Factory
Sweet Table
ESTA, JR Sapporo

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