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Barikiya Ramen @ Susukino, Sapporo

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odori street

I usually do not crave soupy anything and winter made me behave that way. Susukino is home to a sushi alley that none of us could find and ramen. Lining the streets of Tanoki Koji Shopping are souvenir shops and ramen shops.


Amusing one - Sheraton in a shop.


Almost like sumo size with a huge bowl of ramen at the entrance.


We stopped by Barikuya after walking back and forth because it was homegrown enough, sans the fuss and pomp that too decorated ramen shops spot. It operated on a coupon basis – hooray!


Ramen and bar counters - must have!


These mysterious jars.


Lovely appetizers - great to feed peckish diners.


Hakata ramen it specialises in and it stood out as one of the better ramen places throughout the trip which makes me rethink my next stop in Japan. Kyushu sounds like a great idea afterall. Thin noodles that reminded me of Fei Fei’s wanton mee in its springy heydays. Perhaps the cute looking chef did play a part in the enjoyment of the meal..and that is a separate story of its own!


Belittle that blob of chilli paste not, aims to set the tongue on fire. Liked the mild spicy kick.


Fine, thin noodles.


I wish this were more runny though but it's always a perfect accompaniment for ramen.

egg rice

Runny egg with rice - It baffles me how the Japanese do these simple things so right. Simple and delicious!

more gyoa

Also a must order, pan fried gyoza!

I suppose all the slushing of noodles did us all some good – bellywise. It is hard to tell which ramen shop is the best judging from the crowds as most spot diners at any hour. In this ramen game, pick as you fancy and the gamble may just pay off.

Barikuya Ramen
Susukino, Sapporo

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