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Vanilla Pastry and Bakery @ Arc

I am used to working in a neighbourhood or area with so much food, it is a sin to do without tea break. The thing about habit is, regardless where offices are located people will find ways and means to quell their hunger pangs during teabreak hours. Possibly the only option for a snack apart from waffles and pancakes is muffins from Vanilla Pastry and Bakery. This bakery has been open since April 2012 and has enjoyed brisk business since.


Blueberry Crumble Muffin ($1.20)

Ranked third most popular, this was a tad oily though fluffy and moist. The distribution of blueberry jam was uneven though.

banana walnut

Banana Walnut ($1.20)

The second bestseller after Double Chocolate, incredibly fragrant this was! Light and not as oily as the blueberry crumble.

vanilla swiss roll

Vanilla Cream Roll ($1.20)

The texture of the swiss roll was odd, like foam infact. With a sweetened cream lathered on, this was passable.

carrot cake frosting

Carrot Cream Cheesecake ($3.20)

carrot cake

The last slice standing and I had to get it. While the cream cheese could have been thicker and richer, the chockfuls of pineapples and raisins made this carrot cake hearty. One decent carrot cake!

Their treats are good enough to feed tea time cravings yet to drive all the way for it does need come reconsideration.

Vanilla Pastry and Bakery
Arc, Pasir Panjang

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