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Wok and Barrel Revisited @ Duxton Hill

The sole purpose was to eat local food (since the hongkong based friend was back!) and continue trying out the rest of the menu. For Sundays, Wok and Barrel hardly qualifies as a brunch place judging from the turnout. Nonetheless, that was great for catching up.


Clever use of wall space.


Refillable jug of water.


Beef Rendang Pizza ($18.90)

While the beef rendang is outstanding with the spices and meaty portions, put onto a pizza bread this just fell apart. Somewhat middle eastern and local with the pita bread base and cheese, it was lacking some complementary touch. More cheese? Or perhaps, this marriage was too forced.

banana parfait

Banana Crack Parfait ($7.90)

Looks like a tiramisu with the layers but essentially cookie crumbs, cream and caramelized bananas.

pulut hitam pud

Pulut Hitam Pudding with Gula Melaka Sauce and Coconut Icecream ($9.90)

Their take on sticky date pudding and caramel sauce. I love the ingenuity and how this pulled off so well. Dense pulut hitam kueh which brought out the flavours of black glutinous rice well but the coconut icecream was a dampener, it could do with grated coconut churned in.

The others not attempted but made it to the dining table



big b

Big Breakfast

chicken wings

Chicken wings

crispy pork

Crispy Pork

rendang pasta

Wok and Barrel's Bak Chor Mee Pasta ($19.90)


Healthy Chick ($15.90)

Somehow the second visit was less stellar than the first, a tad disappointing I must say. Now, I am getting the naysayers who discredit this place as hardly worth the hype. I will not deem it so harshly but true enough, mediocre it is.

Wok and Barrel
13 Duxton Hill

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  1. ouch..still a point given for the idea of Singaporean fusion dishes. If you had to.. which dishes would you recommend, cause I was thinking of making a trip there?

  2. @sihan: do give the bak chor mee pasta, beef rendang (ala carte! if you have space for nasi can order that but the rice ain't great.) and complete the meal with pulut hitam pudding...a totally different yet interesting take on sticky date pudding.