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Mitsuba by Yurine Restaurant @ Central


I have been hunting high and low for the Nazi Chef that used to dominate Wasabi Tei and Chikuwa Tei. The stint at the latter was short and with some hemming and hawing I missed him again. It is possibly the thrill derived from surviving a potentially rough dining experience and emerging unscathed. Word has it that his latest venture is at Mitsuba by Yurine at Central and that sums up why we ended up there. I reckon queues and a decent waiting time is the usual practise hence the note that they have two seatings over dinner but that particular night, it was a breeze walking in and ordering.


Toothpick holder that attracted my attention a fair bit.


Somewhat unprofessional, methinks.


Chawanmushi ($5)

I like this. Without MSG and all natural flavours, at least the flavours of the chicken, mushrooms and shrimp shone through. Simple delight but done well! I liked the vermicilli surprise at the bottom!


Yasai Salad ($6)

With a sauce a tad sour, this salad was great for whetting the appetite.


Miso Soup ($2)

Pedestrian much.


Beef Teriyaki ($14)

A fair portion of stir fried sliced beef with onions, tasty and gratifying!

mentaiko cod

Mentaiko Cod ($24)

The layer of torched mentaiko on top of the cod was incredible and cod was melt in the mouth - I just wish portions were bigger!


Salmon Sashimi ($12)


I have only heard about how thick Chef Peter cuts his salmon and finally encountered them today. The companion was pleased to tuck into these. I find it strange eating salmon sashimi so thick but I guess that makes it value for money. Prices seemed to have taken a huge hike ever since.

Swordfish Sashimi ($15)

Equally thick, these sinewy slices made me belly happy.

Nostalgia is the primary reason why we checked this place out and left with good memories. Indeed, unlike the companion who spent a good part of his sec school days queuing 3 hours for a taste of Chef Peter's generosity, it was a foray into simple Japanese cuisine that used to cost a fraction. Pricey and somewhat average but I suppose that is what memories are for.

Good smiley service replaces what was once gruff, a pleasant surprise I say. Maybe this is what they say - Money can buy you good service. Or logically, with higher prices lesser queues, it takes mental stress off one and smiles are more readily.

Mitsuba By Yurine Restaurant
Central, Third Floor

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  1. You should have tried the chirashi!

  2. @ice: haha wasnt in the mood for it!:P

  3. fyi, the mentaiko cod isn't torched... can't blame you for the short stint you had with him... lol

  4. Chikuwa Tei is much much much nicer compared to this Mitsuba. The price and food freshness says it all!