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Zulaikha Bika Ambon @ Medan

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When we were gifted this by a really kind family friend, I was touched by the gesture and more so curious how the original would taste like. I knew of Bengawan Solo’s and possibly Kueh Kedai’s only. Honey comb cake this is called and as the lid was lifted, it revealed an uneven chunk of cake. 


In all its imperfections, there were thoughts at the back of the mind already downplaying how delectable it could be and how long the family and I would take to finish this. 


I had it reheated and the whiffs of buttery fragrance were mind boggling. Slicing through the chunk to reveal such beautiful threads of artwork, every slice seemed to reveal a different cut. Almost as if every cut was different. The kueh is taut and bouncy, the jaws were in for a treat with the density of kueh. The generous brush of honey makes this sweet yet not cloyingly so. Fit for a meal on its own, worth the calorie and every hard work placed into making this. Maybe a scoop of icecream with this? Kueh Ambon is the new apple crumble yo!

I suppose this one of those occasions where the original triumphs.

Kueh Ambon from Medan

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