Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hediard @ Tudor Court Shopping Gallery

tudor court

Hediard is located in quite an offbeaten track of Orchard Road and we were there bright and early at 9am. I love brunch places that embrace the rise and shine early concept too. I’d choose a good breakfast over lazing in bed anytime!


A french franchise!


Red and black.


Hediard for brunch.


Emblazoned with the favourite alphabat.


Jam undercovers, I thought it ordinary at best. 

Hédiard breakfast set  ($19)
- Madeleine blend coffee, chocolate or Hédiard blend tea
- Orange juice freshly squeezed 16.5cl
- Choice of one viennoiserie (croissant, brioche or pain au chocolat)
- Soft boiled egg or hard boiled egg or fried egg
- Hédiard country style toasted bread and butter
- One 30gr jar of home made jam and one 30gr jar of honey

This was by far the most popular choice amongst the tables of people and I suppose that gave a good grasp of what they serve which is quintessentially pastries and all things French.


Fascinated with the layers.

honey drizzle

Drizzle with honey or have it neat.


The croissant was crispy and buttery, not too far a cry from Jones’.


The soft boiled egg and toasted bread was quite a joke in my opinion, nothing spectacular with toasted bread and eggs, if you ask me. Well a dollop of caviar would have made this miles different.


The hot chocolate was declared “best” and rightfully deserves that. Rich laced with bittersweetness, this would be perfect with toasted marshmellows.


As tiny as can be to accompany the coffee.


Eggs “Bénédicte”     ($16)
2 poached eggs on toast with Parma ham, shaved parmesan and hollandaise sauce


This has to be a dish in the running for most memorably bad egg benedict. Hollandaise sauce was clumpy with uneven texture and the toast was soggy. Expensive and terribly disappointing.


Macaron ($8)


They only serve large macarons and three flavours available – 2 daily flavours and 1 flavour of the month. Seasalt caramel lorded over vanilla and raspberry. The sugary crisp shells disintegrated too quickly though the filling was rich and gratifying. A lovely balance of sweet and savoury here. It’s completely a child’s dream of having more peanut butter than bread.

Service was decent and food average. Not raring to return, a good to visit to strike it off the list.