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Xin Dau Ji @ Cheung Lok Street, Jordan

xin dai ji

By the end of this trip, I understood the differences between Michelin-starred and Michelin-recommended which seems to be a stamp of approval issued anyway and the crowds are not any gauge of how differently the consumers view them anyway. Xin Dau Ji is one of the many recommended restaurants (and the latest I heard has been given 1 star! hooray!) that dot the island and without reservations, I suffered for it. A minimum waiting time of at least 30 minutes while I painfully watched the rest waltz past me and hunger burned within. Even the ugly fish in the tank was smirking at me whilst I finally made my way upstairs.


Menu on the wall for you to peruse before being seated.

pickled onions




michelin recommended

Michelin recommended!


If only I had enough time to decipher these squiggly lines.

pickled onions

Pickled onions...interesting!


The chef hard at work at the entrance.

Suckling Pig Standard Size (HKD 138)

suckling pig

Amongst the several dishes they are famous for, suckling pig is a must try! Even when it didn’t arrive piping hot, it still tasted great. Crisp skin with a reasonable amount of fat and a meaty portion beneath. To die for nearly and that’s why the queues are never ending and every table orders one!

fried garoupa

Deep Fried garoupa with sweet corn sauce (HKD 118)


I would think it is a waste to fry any other fish but dory but the thin batter is so light and fish fillets so fresh. The corn egg gravy did wonders to this simple dish. Yet another thumbs up!


Ju Ju Style Garden Vegetable in hotpot (HKD 63)

Anything in hotpot tastes amazing, as further proven by this veggie hot pot. Nothing fancy, just Chinese cabbage stir fried with garlic. Loved the flavour and fragrance!

If only I had the time, I’d gladly return for all the subsequent meals. Cannot wait for a return on that suckling pig! Reasonably priced authentic Cantonese food…at least that’s where the hongkongers all head to!

Xin Dau Ji
G/F & 1/F,18 Cheung Lok Street, Jordan 

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  1. I think you can relabel this post. :) Xin Dau Ji just got promoted to a 1 Michelin-star restaurant in the 2012 Michelin star guide.

    Oh a side note, did you try Yardbird? Heard it's pretty good. Never heard of The Mon though.

  2. @ice: woohoo! awesome stuff. :)
    hmm what's yardbird? Havent heard of it. The Mon is kinda average jap joint...