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Wu Dai Tong Tang @ Tsim Sha Tsui, Hongkong


Queues for this are never ending and having missed this twice, I had to queue for it. Open way past midnight, this is great for customers who are looking for a bite or a place to chill though the premises are really too small to loiter for long.


The terribly small kitchen.


Taking a swipe at five generations.

cream custard

Crème Brulee (HKD 63)

Comes in a pack of 6 which makes it hard to order other desserts. Milky thickened cream custard in egg shells which got a tad jelard by the time I made it to the third egg shell.

vanilla beans

Spot them black specks.

strawberry souffle

Strawberry Souffle (HKD 35)

dig into

Take a jab.

This took longer to arrive. Foamy texture but slightly too moist within. The artificial enhanced flavour was bearable though not spectacular.

Mediocre desserts I say, I could have a better deal elsewhere.

Wu Dai Tong Tang
Tsim Sha Tsui

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