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Tim Ho Wan Revisited @ IFC Mall, Hongkong

a short queue

Amongst the first things to do upon touching down was to dash to a Tim Ho Wan outlet for my fix of dimsum. A friend was kind enough to head there earlier to queue but ended up being waved off at 2pm as the slots were all filled until 3pm at the Yau Ma Tei outlet. Unfazed, I made my way down to their latest outlet at Hongkong station, it is not located within the IFC mall but within the main station – almost like our Raffles Xchange.  Queues were brisk but we were given a table within 15 minutes. 


The things that intrigue me. 

tim ho wan cutlery




chilli sauce

Godsent. Must dip with every single dimsum item.

char siew buns

Golden brown.


酥皮叉燒包 $18

Portions at the YMT outlet shrank visibly the last I went but this time seemed to have redeemed itself at the latest outlet. Drooliciously good! Crusty polo layer and a delicious savoury stuffing within. I always wish for more stomach space at Tim Ho Wan!

siew mai

烧卖皇 (HKD23)

Meaty and so very delicious. One bite is all I need to send me straight to dimsum heaven. 

old fashioned

黃沙豬潤腸 (HKD20)

liver rice rolls

I am hardly a fan of liver-anything, much less in a cheong fun dish but they do it so well, the liver is as buttery like the name suggests, meltworthy! 

har gao

晶瑩鮮蝦餃 (HKD23)

Fresh plump whole prawns in this dimsum favourite, remains one of my favourite har gaos around!

chicken feet

鮑汁鳳爪(HKD 25)

Did not try but the companion was thrilled with it. Old school and very nostalgic.

pork ribs

汁蒸排骨 (HKD 14)

Pork ribs for me! Delish much.


郊外油菜 (HKD18)

Blanched vegetables for the healthy, this was as ordinary as can be.


家鄉咸水角 (HKD 14)

I like the stuffing for this – meaty with a chewy exterior!

ma lai goh

馬拉糕 (HKD 14)
Theirs is so moist with a milky aftertaste, somehow preferring the local ones with a bit more bite!

Tim Ho Wan is undoubtedly the cheapest and value for money Michelin star eatery around…they seemed to have upped their standards since the last visit and well, I cannot wait to be back! Well worth the hype, methinks! 


Cheapest and so darn good.

Tim Ho Wan Revisited
IFC Mall

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