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The Mon @ Causeway Bay, Hongkong

the mon

Rave reviews brought us here. Not too difficult to navigate from Causeway Bay Station. The place was full and no reservations got us counter seats. With a feudal setting and dim lights, it felt like dining in Japan…for that moment. 


Plates of grated radish for their famous tamago.

the mon

Everything emblazoned with their brand name.


The Mon Salad (HKD 58)

Wafu sauce makes all salad taste good. Loved the seaweed sheets as well, yum for this!

miso soup

Miso soup to kick start the meal!

california maki

California Roll (HKD 120)

Rice was too soft which made this disappointing already.



A tad too dry.


Chicken, Scallops

Chicken was decently juicy but scallops dry. Disappointing I say!

ox tongue

Ox Tongue Stew (HKD 55)

Too sweet for comfort which caused the downfall of the dish. Not a fan.


厚燒玉子 (HKD 40)

Almost everyone had amazing things to say about this must try. Watching the chef flip the pan back and forth tons of times over was also interesting yet it was just a huge tamago if anything. Nothing surprising though. At least it was not cake-like like the cheap sushi joints have them.

Service was surprisingly attentive despite reviews that suggest otherwise. Food, however did not exceed expectations, infact it fell short of. I’ve had better Japanese food elsewhere and as ascertained by the hongkonger, The Mon has had better days before.

The Mon
4/F, The Goldmark, 502 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay

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