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Saveur @ Purvis Street


A visit to Saveur accomplished after two revisits and this time without a queue too! Head there as early as 6pm and find the place already full. It has to say something about it, right?



angel hair

Angel Hair Pasta With Tiger Prawn And Lumpfish Caviar ($6.90)

This scissors cut pasta was easy to eat and somehow did not taste like pasta but wanton mee with a smattering of western ingredients. The texture of noodle was pretty good. It was odd that the lumpfish caviar left dark stains but overall, a delightful flavourful dish. Would not say much of the tiger prawn, the slight mush texture seemed to suggest normal prawns though. 

foie gras

Reasonably priced for the quality served. Portions are tiny though!

mushroom cappucino

Mushroom Cappuccino ($3.90)

Served just in a cappuccino cup, I suppose the places that serve soup in large bowls have spoilt the market. There was a slight bitter aftertaste which seemed to suggest the mushrooms were not cleaned properly but overall a decent soup.

duck confit

Confit Of Duck With Orange Segment And Sauté Shittake ($9.90)

duck confit torn

For its crisp skin and fall off the bone firm meat, this duck confit deserves the praise it has been garnering. Loved the mash and orange flavours, cheapest duck confit around!

pork belly

Crispy Pork Belly With 62.5degree Egg With Lentils ($10.90)

Crispy I beg to differ, this was more braised with a lightly seared skin. Most of which still stuck to my teeth as I made my way through the pork belly. It was barely marinated though but the poached egg-lentil blend was really nice.


Pan Fried Tenderloin With Carrot Puree And Mushroom Ragout ($22.90)

Tender cuts of beef with a lovely sear. Delicious I say!


Pan Fried  Monkfish With Glazed Vegetable And Shellfish Jus ($23.90)

A tad too salty and portions too small – five bites and I was nearly done. Forgettable dish.

Indeed portions are small and good for savouring only, the boys ended up famished even after the meal but the ladies thought it suffice and left enough room for dessert. But then again, for dessert, there is always a separate stomach space for. Like their slogan – Taste, Flavour, Savour. Pick wisely and be pleasantly surprised or end up unfazed by the hype.

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  1. I forgot abt this place after so long. I am still waiting for the queue to 'disappear' before trying this. haha

    This post makes me want to go try it NOW! =(

  2. @FoodieFC: haha yes you should! the craze has kinda died down already. :)