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Madam Sixty Ate @ Wan Chai, Hongkong

Launched a year ago, Madam Sixty Ate is another of the restaurants at J’s Senses, the same building as Bo Innovation. The décor of the place is largely dominated by drawings of squirrels, rabbits and pigs. 


Friendly piglet on the menu.


My favourite painting in the restaurant. 


Sour dough bread was warm, dense and crusty and when paired with a mustard butter…immense pleasure. I could not resist doubles of this!


We opened a bottle of red to go with the food, Italian and the smooth.

The plating of the appetizers left much to imagine about and that was already impressive. 


Seared scallops with poached chicken wings, corn custard, belly bacon wafer and popcorn powder  125

Fresh scallops with corn custard that made it rock – the poached wings were a tad bland however and the popcorn powder was entirely ornamental. 


Swordfish jardiniere; pickled and grilled swordfish with young vegetable salad, salt cod fritter and cucumber espuma  115

The sword fish cubes stood out for its generous chunks while the rest really resembled a garden dish. 


A beef ragout that I did not get to try but this barely formed an impression.


‘Pedro’s cronies’ Seafood salad of clams, mussel, torched prawn and lobster with red pepper compote, braised potato and saffron sabayon  130

While I did not get to try this, the plating made the companion’s eyes enlarge in amazement. 


Joseph’s green peas n’ ham’; Pea panna cotta with house cured duck ham, mint braised peas and wasabi gel 105

Rather ordinary peas and ham. 


Roasted duck breast on foie gras boudin, warm salad of  summer fruits and white radish with a duck leg baklava  300

Less outstanding than the appetizers, these were just alright. 


Head to tail lamb with stuffed macaroni,broccoli, green olives, and almonds finished with lemon puree   325

The portions for this had me startled – head to tail lamb with three different parts, the shank, tail and thigh. Stuffed macaroni was mere fulfilment of the carbs while the dish itself was likeable, it certainly is not great.

Hardly full for a weekend, this is possibly an area of concern. The hongkies were musing about this place not being in existence a good five years later and we shall see about that. Food is moderate and ambience is comfortable but it barely stands out tall amongst the competition.

Madam Sixty Ate
Shop 8, 1st Floor - The Podium, J Senses, 60 Johnston Rd

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