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Lin Heung Revisited @ Central, Hongkong

lin heung

Part of the Cha Can Teng culture is being yelled at by the waitress but Lin Heung has gotten friendlier. Your eyes did not lie and I kid you not. It could have been the timing of the visit – 9ish am that is after the morning rush and before lunch. I had to wait around for a table but hardly had to rush for food; or perhaps the patrons have gotten more civilised.

lin heung

Complete with cages and little birds.

push cart

Pushcarts that are reminiscent of the past.


烧卖 (HKD 17)

The old school way with white pasty looking skin and a filling that tastes like a meat ball. The hongkie relished it as an ode to old times.

ma lai goh

馬拉糕 (HKD 13)

Soft and fluffy but somehow I prefer those found in Singapore.


咸水角 (HKD 15)

fried jin dui

This is a traditional version of the usual fried fritter with innards as stuffing instead of meat. 


Cow’s innards

Ask me not how these chewy things make it to the Top 10 dimsum items in a typical Hongkonger’s dimsum list. As I watched the companion relish it hungrily, I can only try to imagine how delicious it is. A no-no for me.


Round buns!

lotus paste pau

蛋黄莲蓉包 (HKD 13)

Still has highly sought after, I would return ten times over just for this lard-y delight! The thick pau exterior is a personal favourite for sweetness and density. 

bamboo shoot

蚝油竹卷 (HKD 17)

I found this the most delicious of the lot, well flavoured and meaty!

cheong fun

牛肉肠粉 (HKD 19)

Rather blah without much taste.

mini bites

Just in time for mid-autumn!

lin heung

Inked with their famous lin heung trade mark.

chess biscuits

Chess Biscuits

These are really traditional – in outlook and taste. So raw and well, I suppose that’s how the people ate it in the past. Uneven pastry with a sweet lotus paste filling. These come in lotus paste and red bean paste. I prefer their red bean though. Easy to pop in the mouth and possibly play chess, given its morsel sizes!

Lin Heung Revisited
Wellington Street, Central

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