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Capital Cafe @ Wan Chai, Hongkong

capital cafe

This is one café that is highly supported by the hongkong celebrities, judging from the autographed posters adoring the walls. Service seems warm but the hongkie attributes it to mainland Chinese waiters. 


Nonetheless the place is packed, in fact this visit only materialised after two visits. The first visit was futile because of a fire that broke out in the opposite building. 




Menus under the table.

black truffle thick toast

Thick Toast with Scrambled Egg and Black Truffle (HKD 35)

This has to be the cheapest truffle-anything I’ve chanced upon. In fact, the cafes in Hongkong seem to embrace truffle as much as salt and pepper. It is not even truffle oil but truffle shavings – a faint hint of truffle on a creamy scrambled egg and thick toast. Delicious indeed, just a tip to eat it quick before the toast sinks from the massive amount of ingredients on top.

ham macaroni

Macaroni and Ham

I suppose this is their comfort food and this was spotted at most tables – at least the hongkongers have a childhood food to reminisce…makes me wonder what was mine. 

toast and eggs

Toast with Fried Eggs (HKD 16)

The hongkong breakfast combination is mind boggling, the range to choose from consists of ham, bacon, sausages and many more.

pork chop bun

Demon Pork Chop Bun

How demonish does this make? Well in the very modern twist of wasabi mayo generously lathered in between two French loaves and a lean pork patty. Looks unassuming but packs a mean punch! I was left salivating for more thereafter. 

lemon tea

Lemon Tea

To wash down all the grease, ala cha can teng style. Old school yet I am so lovin' it. 

Standard seems to have dropped according to the hongkie but for a foreigner, I am completely appreciating the modern touches here and there. For a blast from the past, Capital Café is worth the visit!

Capital Cafe
Shop B1, G/F, Kwong Sang Hong Building, 6 Heard Street, Wan Chai

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  1. The Macaroni and Ham & Scrambled Egg reminded me of Australia Dairy Company in HK (too).

  2. @foodiefc: pretty universal stuff!!