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Tuttifrutti Yogurt @ Arab Street

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tutti frutti

Hailing from USA, Tutti Frutti joins the rest of the froyo shops but probably the only one around beach road area. There is promotion going at $2.96 per 100grams, a whooping 20% off their usual prices this GSS.


Raspberry sherbet, Pomegranate, Pistachio were picked over Original, Vanilla and Chocolate. The sorbet was too light for liking and the least flavoured of the rest. Personal favourite went to pistachio, though it would not trump the icecream equivalent. The colouring used especially for pomegranate was a tad too bright. Texture of froyo was lighter than Red Mango’s or Yami Yogurt even.

The rest of the flavours mentioned on the website are mind boggling many – birthday cake, royal red velvet and strawberry cheesecake sound amazing already! Toppings did not look enticing, a tad stale looking for all the exposure and they were barely refilled.

Red Mango still works for me, more so than Tutti Frutti.

Tuttifrutti Yogurt
27 Arab Street

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