Monday, August 27, 2012

Seah Street Deli Revisited @ Raffles Hotel


I’ve been doing quite abit of revisits of late – perhaps to check on how far the restaurants have made it since the last. Seah Street Deli is usually fairly filled by walk-ins, weekdays or weekends. I would not call it the grand dame of burger joints but well before there was Db Bistro or Carl’s Junior…there was Seah Street Deli. Come to think of it their burgers are priced in the same range as Db’s! $39 for a burger without foie gras, it has to be the brand name they are plugging big time.


Their famous paper menus.

drink up

Aged mugs.




Oreo Milk Shake ($10.50)

Add a dollar to thicken it, otherwise enjoy it in its original glory. Supposedly a best seller next to the chocolate, this came with a wafer balancing on the sides of the glass. I should have topped up to get it thicker, I say Billy Bomber’s do it better. Sin without the guilt, somehow.


Times Square ($39)
Hickory BBQ Sauce, Seasonal Vegetable, Sauteed Mushrooms

These were served barely warm but being ravenous, I started chomping on the ribs. Lacked flavour and smokey fragrance but was decently lathered with BBQ sauce to pass off as ribs.


The sautéed mushrooms and vegetables were really by-the-way kind of sides, hardly struck an impression.



new yorker

New Yorker Sandwich ($38)
Triple decked corned beef, swiss cheese, pastrami, grilled rye bread, horseradish

Ok, off hand Smoke Shack does really decent American-style sandwiches (There’s a lurking draft entry somewhere!) This had multiple layers of ham – corned beef and what tasted like bacon. The stack made it hard to get a generous bite of everything, really is one of the few times that I wish my mouth could accommodate a lot more. Hearty sandwich with really awesome bread, methinks the star of the sandwich went to the bread instead of filling.


Fries were unfortunately warm.

carrot cake

Carrot Cake ($18)

Moist and decent but does not take the cake for being great, above average I say.

Kudos to the kitchen for evenly proportioning the food into perfect halves – never quite seen the same precision anywhere else! If not for the Feed at Raffles card, this is one over priced place.

Seah Street Deli Revisited
Raffles Hotel

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  1. Totally agree that it's now overpriced. They recently increased their prices and it's now 30% more expensive across the board. What a waste, they have fairly decent food!