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One Ninety @ Four Seasons Hotel

one ninety

I usually do not eat at hotel restaurants that serve all day buffets or international food largely because these are mainly for tourists who have no time to venture the city. One Ninety has been featured tons of times over for its outstanding buffet but I was there for their ala carte dishes. Fairly empty for a weekend evening, I was relying on a cushy environment more so than great food.


A pretty appetizing menu I must say.


Posh nosh.


Warm water to keep fuzzy in the chilly temperatures.

cheese buns

Complimentary mini foccacias to start the meal, warm and toasty!

for the bread

Perfect condiments.


Wagyu Beef Burger ($39)
Sundried tomatoes, horseradish mayo, shoe string fries

An open faced burger, this came with a plump patty on one and sundried tomatoes and relish on the other. Loved them onions, sliced so fine but still retaining much of the juice and spicy kick.


One fine and dany decent burger there is, no mushy wagyu remnants…the patty was well seared to a pretty medium and flavourful with juices overflowing.

shoe string

Fries were equally food with a trio of dips furnished – mayo, chilli and mustard. Simple junkfood, such is comfort!


Risotto Funghi ($34)
Porcini mushrooms, shaved truffle

I had none of it but the companion cleaned it out so fast.


Wood Oven Baked Chicken ($32)
braised swiss chard, vegetables

Succulent chargrilled chicken steaks, score on flavour and portions!

wagyu cheek

Wagyu Beef Cheeks ($32)
Pineapple, brussel sprouds, green peppercorns

Over tenderized beef chunk with heaps of tendon.

wagyu beef

I suggest you do not order it unless you fancy chomping it down or do not mind spending time weeding the tendons out which does result in a heap of its own. Lacked in flavour somewhat.


Parma Ham Pizza ($30)
Datterini, tomato, buffalo mozzarella, arugula

The pita bread base and mozzarella cheese made this bland. Not quite the pizza I would classify as sinful food either. 


Shellfish and Paccheri Pasta ($34)
Clams, shrimp

Paccheri pasta is really like mee hoon kuay, right down to the square portions. Decently homemade in taste and flavour.
A great pity the dessert menu was not enticing but this was one of those meals that left all of us belly satisfied. Raring for a return, definitely!

One Ninety
Four Seasons Hotel

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