Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hyang To Gol @ Resorts World Sentosa


I bought vouchers for the BBQ Buffet at Hyang To Gol at Resorts World. It’s actually located on the waterfront side which makes it easier to park the car at Vivo and take a shuttle or leisurely walk across the bridge than park at RWS – 13 buckeroos for a slightly over an hour lunch, completely negating any discount I saved on the vouchers. $19.90 for the buffet that is originally priced at $25 before taxes but with a $13 parking fee slapped on, I barely saved!

A couple of things to note:

It has been a while since I’ve been to an ala carte buffet that scared me and the one at Hwang To Gol did. Perhaps it is the clientele – not wanting to sound elitist but hardly do I see people squeeze, crowd and hover around the dish for the hottest serving to swipe it all off within minutes, at a hotel buffet or at least a above medium priced buffet. Certainly relived the days that pizzahut and beach road steamboat buffets were all the rage.  


Korean banchan is one way to fill the tum especially with the variety and bite-sized portions. The range was more than decent I say – kimchi, fried tofu, anchovies, octopus, potato salad and a ton of other veggies. Decent start I say though I barely touched the salad corner. 


Kimchi for the kimchi fans.


More banchan!


Favourite big headed bean sprouts.


BBQ that was what we came for was an order as you eat system – pork belly, chicken, and ribs were the main features. I like the pork belly best. I was really expecting a proper grill with meats furnished. Anyway beeline for this was crazy.

Seafood pancake

In all its grease, it was just batter with spring onion. 

grilled prawns

Grilled Prawns

A tad stale and flesh mushy.

Smoked Salmon

These were wiped off so fast, I wonder why..and these are not even salmon sashimi. A mentality of no prawns but shrimp is suffice?

Korean Sushi

Nothing much I say.

Chicken Wings

Decent enough for me to head back for thirds! Juicy and crispy wings. 


Singaporean Fried Rice

Surprisingly decent with luncheon meat and egg – never quite thought this simple dish would stand out in a buffet!


Fried Noodles



Fried too soft.

rice cakes

Rice Cake

Just the way they should taste but a bit more spice and ingredients would make this good. 


Beef Bulgogi

They had it minced and in slices, both were polished off at lightning speed as well. I simply did not think much of it. 


Spicy tofu.


Beef stew.

There was a variety of soups too – spicy tofu, spicy beef, ginseng chicken and pumpkin soup. I’d say the spicy tofu soup was more like what I’d have at Hwang To Gol main restaurant. Spicy beef turned out more like vegetable soup.

Average buffet with spotty service but for the price, I do not think there’s much to complain.


  1. Dear All, my wife & I went to RWS HTG on Sun 30th at 11.50am. We're warmly ushered in, showed a table, told we had to finish by 1.20pm as reservation book is full. not a problem as we can't eat anymore after 1 hr. We were not the first customers. We jus took from buffet spread,ordered barBQ meat, suddenly a tall chinese waitress came out & told us very curtly that we could not start till 12pm. It was just after 11.50am then! I put the plate down & told my wife to go as we felt we were being treatly like fools. She was also telling off the other waiting staff like she was in charge. Even the receptioist/cashier was dumbfounded. We started to walk off when a man came over &apologised profusedly saying it was misunderstanding and we could continue on and brought all our food back to our table. I lost my appetite then but my wife coaxed me to stay since this nice young man was very apologetic about it. As the meat was prepared already, that man even offered to showed my wife what sauces to take for the meat. While that was happening that same waitress came over to still insist to that man that we can't start till 12pm!!!. Other customers were already eating!!! That's when my wife and I lost our cool and scolded that female waitress. We were looking forward to (I am sure) a sumptious Korean lunch as advertised but not to be treated like recruits in an SAF camp in the 70's. What pissed me off further was that there were other customers there ahead of us but we seemed targeted. Question: is this the Hwang To Gol way of treating customers?? Question: If the noon timing is so rigid, why did the receptionist usher us in and not tell us it's too early?? Cannot be as there were others ahead of us. Question: Is there a proper heirachy of management in place that a waitress can question the manager as the man seem to be the one in charge as he bothered to come to apologise to us?? Question: Who is in charge??? how come if there is a 12pm RIGID start time to serve is on, all the other staff don't know ??? I'm scared to go there again because if my timing is wrong, I may encounter this type of waitress or chief waitress(??) again. TEDDY CHAN of Singapore

  2. @teddy: oh dear...that sounds horrible. Service wasn't great when I went but definitely not like yours! Hwang To Gol at the now defunct Amara Hotel used to be waaaaaaay better. A great pity.