Friday, August 31, 2012

CBD Trail: Yong Tau Foo

As health conscious as salads are, here's Yong Tau Foo that usually sparks off a long queue at most eateries.


Yong Tau Foo
Hong Leong Building

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By now, it is a no brainer that queues are mandatory in CBD and it certainly is not a good gauge of how good the food really is. This is yet another popular yong tau foo stall that spans nearly two stalls worth – head to the side to pick the ingredients, queue to pay and wait for your dish to be fried.

yong tau foo fried

It comes either with soup or dry with a special meat and garlic sauce that they are proud of. Each item is priced at 60 cents with a selection that is worth 3 items - $1.80 for cheese sausage and prawn roll to name a few. Dry Yong Tau Foo was an interesting experience for me, not so much high up in the health-radar.

chevron hse

Chevron House

This is another that comes with minced pork sauce and laksa noodles rather than just soup. Wide array of items to pick – most of which require re-frying though. The gravy was less salty as compared to Hong Leong Building’s and the queues do justify for its popularity as compared to cai png just next stall. Personal favourite here! 50 cents per piece and a minimum of a 7 piece purchase, variety always aids easy selection.

yong tau foo

Yong Tau Foo at Banquet

Mediocre stuff. I never quite had a really awesome Yong Tau Foo…neither have I had a really bad one. The chilli paste here was lacking in punch.


  1. hard to find a good bowl of yong tau foo (YTF) now. the best i had thus far is the one at Clementi central hawker centre that opens from 12pm till all items are sold out(ard 3pm). They make the items themselves.

    Also, now (YTF) not tt healthy, the soup are normally msg type.

    any recommendations for YTF?

  2. @FoodieFC: sigh yeahhh..i stick with ampang YTF though...unless we get it fresh from the market and make your own, else most of the stuff is MSG-laden.