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TH Truemart @ Old Quarters

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TH Milk are deemed “the best” that Hanoi has to offer. The cows are supposedly reared in one of the cushiest environments - with music and fed with indivualised formula. I was pleasantly surprised to find that throughout the Old Quarters, there were a number of outlets selling this over the counter. 4 flavours is all they sell and it is truly an experiential product. From choice of pastels used to build the brand to the clean sleek lines used throughout the shop. Milk, in its finest. The volume of milk packaged into 120ml is significantly lesser than those available in our supermarts, which is considerably pricey for Hanoi standards.


No Sugar

Creamy milk with a shade of white I found too white.

Less Sugar

Mildly sweetened.


Their flavoured milk was pleasantly flavoured.


Think of this as triple chocolate milk - decadent!


Packaging so easy on the eye - high class milk indeed.

Packets of 4 start from 40,000 VND depending on flavour.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. Did you try Fanny in Hanoi? I heard the ice creams are good.

  2. @ice: tried them in ho chi minh...didnt get to see any in Hanoi though.